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Your Reputation is at Stake

$425 million…that’s a lot of money. Security breaches that compromise the personal and financial data of almost 150 million Americans is serious business. In the past, brand names gave consumers a sense of trust and ease. Consider Equifax, one of the big three credit bureaus. The very nature of their business is handling sensitive information, and while they undoubtedly took precautions to ensure their network security, they recently experienced a huge, costly fail. If you or your business was affected by the Equifax crisis, here is a starting point for you to see if you’re eligible for any money or services they are offering those who were harmed: Depending on your situation and your ability to prove that it was their breach that hurt you, they’re offering free credit monitoring, some reimbursements, and assistance with ongoing identity theft issues.
Not only do security breaches produce a very real threat to anyone whose data might have been compromised, but the company responsible for the leak suffers unbelievable consequences. Think of the bigger security breaches in recent years. There are probably many companies that, if given the choice, we’d avoid using simply because of their involvement in news-worthy security issues.
At Axigent, we believe that security is a top priority. Our Network Security Services are cutting edge to provide the utmost trust that your business and your clients’ information is safe.
Call us today. We’re happy to offer the following services customized to your needs:
  • · Design, implement, and support next-generation firewall platforms
  • · Develop robust security policies and procedures
  • · Recommend and implement disaster recovery and planning
  • · Build policy definitions and enable policy implementation and enforcement
  • · Provide wireless security evaluation
  • · Handle patch, change management and log monitoring services
  • · Provide end-user education focusing on multiple attack vectors