Let’s have some Fun

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Be honest. You know you love it when you open your Google browser only to see the customized art they have created to celebrate some crazy, barely-acknowledged holiday. Sometimes the word is made of different characters; sometimes there is unexpected animation as you interact with the page. It’s the same idea as the texts you get from 20 of your closest friends after the clock hits midnight to mark a new year. Who doesn’t love seeing the fireworks go off on their phone’s screen?

There was a time when the world of technology and IT was pretty straightforward. Software was developed to suit a need, whether it was for commercial purposes or for recreation, developers were assigned a task, and they completed it. Somewhere along the way, developers decided to have some fun. They began to include Easter Eggs into their programs. This article explains the origin and development of Easter Eggs.

They actually started as an act of rebellion by developers who didn’t feel they got the credit they deserved. Easter Eggs have gone on to show that development and technology is, in some ways, an art form. Easter Eggs are used to entice potential job candidates, entertain customers, give nods of gratitude and acknowledgment to deserving contributors, and add extra flair to products only those with a certain income can enjoy.

As a managed IT company serving Amarillo and the DFW area, Axigent can do the same type of thing for your business. Not many of our customers have the Tesla Model X that comes equipped with the ability to perform a three minute choreographed dance, but we have many satisfied customers for which we’ve outfitted the appropriate bells and whistles that they and the people they serve definitely appreciate. Give us a call today so that we can equip your organization with an added feature that lets you stand out among your competitors.

Photo Credit: PK Studio / Shutterstock.com