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It’s a Give and Take

Anyone who utilizes the many choices of technology that let us work smarter, faster, and from wherever can appreciate this ability. As remote working opportunities become more and more possible and popular, developers are slaving away, trying to perfect and develop more tools that businesses will use to better serve their employees and their customers. […]

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In Good Company

What do familiar names like Airbnb Inc., Uber, and Stripe have in common? They are among the world’s most successful private startup companies in history. And while none of these organizations’ impacts can be ignored, Stripe and other online payment applications has changed e-commerce forever. In the past, if companies wanted their customers to be […]

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Good Guys and Bad Guys

They say that two is better than one, and that goes for Cloud service security, too. Two IT Security companies, Zscaler and Skybox Security, are joining forces to offer customers a more well-rounded security option for their data that is stored in the Cloud. The IT battle between good and evil continues. Hopefully, the good […]

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Let’s have some Fun

Be honest. You know you love it when you open your Google browser only to see the customized art they have created to celebrate some crazy, barely-acknowledged holiday. Sometimes the word is made of different characters; sometimes there is unexpected animation as you interact with the page. It’s the same idea as the texts you […]

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