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Social Engineering: What is it and How do I Identify it?

What is Social Engineering? On our other platforms, we have recently posted about a social engineering attempt that was disguised as a QuickBooks service report call. It feigned a message that QuickBooks was not receiving the most recent updates and is not synchronizing with the Intuit server. While that sounds very professional, it just simply […]

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Microsoft Copilot: A Game Changer for Productivity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t the new kid on the block, from ChatGPT to crazy AI images on social platforms, humans have been more than willing to experiment with different forms of AI. And finally, Microsoft has decided to release their most recent take: Microsoft Copilot. Copilot, formally Bing Chat Enterprise, has taken the tech industry […]

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The Importance of Network Security & Protecting Business Data

Network security is a vital barrier that keeps your business’s data safe from the constant dangers by cybercrime. Hackers’ tactics for breaking into your network and stealing personal data grow with technology. Modern companies heavily depend on the internet and computer networks to conduct their daily operations. Whether you’re a growing startup or a well-established […]

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Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Devices

As an IT service provider, we encourage our clients to take care of their devices. Maintaining your computer, from screens to keyboards to unwanted apps and programs, promotes work efficiency and extended durability. Here are routine things you can do for your computer that will prevent wasting time and a few headaches. #1 Cleaning your […]

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3 Common Office 365 Attacks

Office 365 is a hotspot for data. Within the office suite, Microsoft offers email, collaboration, file storage, and productivity applications that include Sharepoint and Onedrive. While this is extremely user friendly and convenient for businesses to have all these applications under one umbrella; it’s also equally convenient for hackers to steal employee/business data. Everything from […]

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3 Reasons Why

When it comes to choosing an IT company to protect, build, and run your business there are lots of options. Some companies focus solely on programming, tech support, security, or engineering. At Axigent we focus on you. We specialize in Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, Consulting, and Network Management. So what really sets us apart […]

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