Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Devices

As an IT service provider, we encourage our clients to take care of their devices. Maintaining your computer, from screens to keyboards to unwanted apps and programs, promotes work efficiency and extended durability. Here are routine things you can do for your computer that will prevent wasting time and a few headaches.

#1 Cleaning your screens and keyboards

It sounds like a silly task, but it could make a difference in your laptop’s or desktop’s everyday functionality. Wiping down your screens and keyboards keeps your computer sanitary, preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. According to Initial Hygiene, “around 3,000 organisms can be found per square inch on a keyboard.” This weekly action will also prevent you from having technical issues such as sticky keys, difficulty reading your screen, and having to pay for expensive repairs.

#2 Removing unwanted apps and programs

Everything on your computer or laptop takes up space/memory. That is why it is essential to ensure you do not have unnecessary applications or programs you are no longer using. This type of unwanted software is also referred to as bloatware. Leaving this software on your computer may lead to many issues, such as updating your storage prematurely, making your device slower, or download more unnecessary programs. Neglecting to do this task can hinder your productivity and cost you money.

#3 Reboot your device once a week

Preserving your memory on a computer is crucial. The longer a computer runs, the more RAM it eats up. Rebooting your computer just one time a week helps keep your device running smoothly. It clears the memory and stops any on going task from using up your space. It also can assist in fixing hardware issues. Check out these links for instructions on how to reboot your Microsoft or Apple device.

#4 Stay on top of updates

Updating your device regularly will help your applications, software, and overall device functionality run efficiently. Updates are released to promote productivity when utilizing anything on your device. If you are a client of Axigent, then you know we monitor and initiate these updates for you.

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