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Bottom-Line Benefits

Not every business can afford a fully-robust IT team on its payroll, and quite honestly, some businesses would rather maintain their ‘mom and pop,’ personal feel. However, no one will argue that more and more businesses are relying more heavily on technology every day. Whether it’s processing data, communication with your clients, or maximizing your […]

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Let Us Enhance Your Bottom Line

We can all relate to the dilemma of choosing whether to patron local businesses we have known forever or giving in to the ease and great prices of those online competitors. Because Axigent is a Managed IT Company, we offer IT Consulting Services that allow your business and your potential customers the best of both […]

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Leave IT to Us

How do companies, across multiple industries, benefit from Axigent’s IT Consulting Services?  It’s simple. Just as we wouldn’t have the first clue about ranching, baking, or changing the oil in a car, we do know a thing or two about our industry. And just as industries across the board are evolving regularly, the IT industry […]

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Your Reputation is at Stake

$425 million…that’s a lot of money. Security breaches that compromise the personal and financial data of almost 150 million Americans is serious business. In the past, brand names gave consumers a sense of trust and ease. Consider Equifax, one of the big three credit bureaus. The very nature of their business is handling sensitive information, […]

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Good Guys and Bad Guys

They say that two is better than one, and that goes for Cloud service security, too. Two IT Security companies, Zscaler and Skybox Security, are joining forces to offer customers a more well-rounded security option for their data that is stored in the Cloud. The IT battle between good and evil continues. Hopefully, the good […]

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Let’s have some Fun

Be honest. You know you love it when you open your Google browser only to see the customized art they have created to celebrate some crazy, barely-acknowledged holiday. Sometimes the word is made of different characters; sometimes there is unexpected animation as you interact with the page. It’s the same idea as the texts you […]

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