What Is 5G?

I5G refers to the protocol used by our mobile devices and the cellular networks they use to communicate and it stands for fifth-generation. You are probably already familiar with 3G and 4G networks because they were the last major upgrade to our mobile networks. So, what makes each generation different, and what makes 5G so special?

Faster Speeds

5G has the ability to make huge changes to speed because of the size of the waves it uses to send data. Think about it like your commute to work. Depending on how much traffic there is on the highway, the speed you can drive will be affected.

In some places, the 5G express lanes are available with up to 100 times the speeds you’re used to, but in others, you will still be using the older 3G and 4G networks to get you where you’re going. Rolling out the 5G upgrades will take some time. That’s why if you already have a 5G phone you probably aren’t getting 5G service as you expected. 

So, when will 5G Be Here?

Mobile providers are rolling out 5G on a city-by-city basis across the nation, so you might want to wait to buy that new 5G phone until the service is available in your area. We will likely see widespread 5G coverage by the end of 2021 or early in 2022.