Cyber Security Training: Why your Business Needs It in 2024

It’s a new year and with that comes new challenges for the cyber security landscape. We’re here to inform you about one of the easiest methods to protect your business from cyber security breaches: Cyber-security training for your employees can be the make-or-break strategy that protects your business’s data. According to a Stanford University research study, approximately 88% of all data breaches are caused by an employee mistake. Whether it’s clicking a bad link or going as far as sending sensitive information to malicious parties, human error is unavoidable, and investing in cyber security training can help you watch for and avoid these mistakes.

Benefits of Cyber Security Training:

End User Awareness:

First and foremost, cyber security training provides your employees with one of the most important weapons against cyber attacks… knowledge. If your staff is aware of what phishing emails and bad links COULD look like, it will make them think twice before they click or enter sensitive information. End user awareness is one of the easiest ways to protect business assets.

Improvement for Your Cyber Security Strategy:

Cyber security training provides you with more than just simple awareness of cybercrime and all the different avenues hackers can take to get into your network. It also provides audits that you or your IT personnel can see where your network has weaknesses, so that you can work with your managed service provider (MSP) to find a solution. Whether you’re in need of email filtering, password management, or internet content filtering, the audits from these training courses will show you every weak spot so that you can prioritize what security ventures you invest in.

Lower Your Cyber Liability Insurance Rate

With all your business data and important credentials online, it’s important to be prepared if tragedy DOES strike. Cyber liability insurance is just the thing, however, with insurance prices as steep as they are, you’ll want to check a few boxes to lower your rate. Implementing cyber security training software checks off one of these boxes saving you money and giving you peace of mind. With more than 80% of attacks happening because of human error, insurance providers will want to see that your cyber security strategy is actively trying to prevent such attacks. Check out the Federal Trade Commission website to read more about cyber security insurance.

Regulation Compliance:

If your business requires you to store data such as personally identifiable information, financial information, or protected health information, then you most likely need a cyber security training software to meet the laws and regulations around storing sensitive data. To stay compliant with whatever regulation(s) you answer to (HIPPA, PCI DSS, NIST, etc.), it might be worth checking with your internal IT team or MSP to determine if cyber security training is a requirement within your industry.

Cyber security training software is a simple security solution that can save you hundreds, thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars in potential data breaches. These software’s also provide your employees with continuous education about the cyber landscape. While there are many amazing software’s available for integration like KnowBe4 and Infima. Software’s like these can provide cyber security training that requires no hassle from you. Infima, for example, provides a plan that is perfectly tailored to your business model and implements the training strategies without you having to life a finger. They also provide detailed audits that show you where your weaknesses are and how you can strengthen them all from an easy-to-reach dashboard.

Managing sensitive data is tedious and hard work. At Axigent Technologies, we’re here to help clear up any confusion and provide tech support that allows your business to run as smooth as possible. Our goal has always been to help businesses succeed! Reach out today for a consultation!

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