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Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Devices

As an IT service provider, we encourage our clients to take care of their devices. Maintaining your computer, from screens to keyboards to unwanted apps and programs, promotes work efficiency and extended durability. Here are routine things you can do for your computer that will prevent wasting time and a few headaches. #1 Cleaning your […]

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3 Common Office 365 Attacks

Office 365 is a hotspot for data. Within the office suite, Microsoft offers email, collaboration, file storage, and productivity applications that include Sharepoint and Onedrive. While this is extremely user friendly and convenient for businesses to have all these applications under one umbrella; it’s also equally convenient for hackers to steal employee/business data. Everything from […]

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The 4th Industrial Revolution

Timeline of Industrial Revolutions As if three industrial revolutions were not enough- we are now entering a fourth. Since the 17th century, society has shifted from heavy agriculture work to industry and manufacturing domination. We have had scientific breakthroughs like steel and electricity that catapulted mass production and in the 1950’s, introduced electronics and computers […]

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Metaverse: What is There to Know?

What is the Metaverse? To put it simply, the Metaverse is a “fully realized digital reality”. It’s a fully immersive experience that makes your digital life just as real and important as your physical reality. The Metaverse is unique in that it compiles a lot of different internet communications requiring them to work interchangeably. Most […]

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Cloud Services

One of the most convenient and efficient things we bring to the table is navigating the use of Cloud Services for our clients. This article does a great job of defining the benefits of using the Cloud. Basically, Cloud Services make collaboration, switching domains or email servicers, backing up and securely storing information, and accessing […]

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